Our Technology

Our Technology

With the press of a button, plain water is split into hydrogen and oxygen atoms through our unique and specialized electrolysis process

Solid Polymer Electrolytic

Our Platinum coated (SPE) is a type of electrolyte composed of a solid polymer material that facilitates ion conduction.

SPEs are ideal for liquid electrolytes due to the low flammability, excellent mechanical properties, and high ionic conductivity. With SPEs, our devices have become more reliable and safer than ever before!


Hydrogen, when consumed or inhaled, acts as a powerful antioxidant, reducing oxidative stress and inflammation in the body. It can enhance cellular function, improve energy metabolism, and support overall health. Its small size allows it to easily penetrate cells, making it an effective therapeutic agent with potential benefits for various physiological processes.

The Heart Of Our Proton Exchange Membrane Technology

The Proton Exchange Membrane is the heart of our hydrogen infusion machines aka IonBottles. The proton exchange membrane (PEM) is an advanced level Japanese membrane similar to the one used in the expensive larger machines.

Water at the anode provides the source of H+ ions. Then the PEM permits migration of H+ ions from anolyte to cathode. At the cathode, H+ ions combine with electrons from the power supply (reduction reaction) to form H atoms which pair-up to form molecular hydrogen H₂ gas.

Finally any left over oxygen, chlorine gas produced at the anode (through oxidation of hydroxide) vents when the lid is removed or through the bottom on our Pro model. Leaving only 99.9% pure hydrogen-rich water.